Information Technology

Technology is always changing.  At Exceptional Living Centers, we know that you need to keep your data safe, secure and HIPAA compliant. Exceptional Living Centers provides its clients with a comprehensive suite of software-based management systems hosted by Virtual Care Providers, Inc. (VCPI).

VCPI provides the infrastructure and foundation for systems support including application hosting, security services, WAN management, and wireless support to ensure the availability and security of our systems and data in a state-of-the-art hosting facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Accordingly, Exceptional Living Centers’ systems are securely available from any computer or tablet with Internet access.

The scope of services also includes a 24-hour customer service desk available to support facility staff.  In addition, our own Director of IT oversees VCPI’s support of each center and ensures each center’s needs are being met.  The Director of IT monitors each center’s technology inventory and makes the necessary upgrades to keep pace with current and future needs.  All aspects of the facility computer environment are managed by Exceptional Living Centers and VCPI, including the local area network, center-wide business and guest wireless access, computers, mobile devices, data storage and security, data backup, HIPAA compliance, printers, and copier/scanners.