Clinical and Operations Management

At the heart of any successful center is the health and welfare of the residents. Our experienced team oversees clinical care including compliance with Exceptional Living Centers’ standards of care, operating practices, and federal and state regulations. We implement clinical and reimbursement policy and procedures to assist nursing centers in evaluating clinical systems that require focused quality improvement efforts, and to oversee reimbursement maximization and compliance.

Our Vice President of Clinical Services also oversees regional consultant dietitians.  These consultant dietitians work closely with center staff to review and develop menus, resident diets, and provide education and training. Our dietitians promote and consult for our fine dining program and work with our interdisciplinary management team to ensure nutrition plays a prominent role in our residents’ rehabilitation.

We offer therapy consulting services to manage rehabilitation services, training, documentation and reimbursement.  Quality assurance programs are carried out at the center, regional, and corporate level.  This includes complete corporate clinical oversight programs and policies, as well as a Corporate Compliance Program, which includes policies, procedures, training and auditing of all regulatory compliance matters, such as billing, HIPAA, HITECH, employment practices, employee safety, and training. We also offer an electronic clinical risk management system to detect and respond to trends.