PATH to Hip Fracture Recovery

Richland Bean-Blossom Health Care Center has launched a new hip-fracture rehabilitation program in conjunction with Episode 360 of Carmel, IN. Richland Bean-Blossom Health Care Center is excited to announce the creation and launch of “The PATH to Hip Fracture Recovery.” Richland Bean-Blossom Health Care Center began offering this service on November 1, 2017.
Orthopaedic Hip Fracture is a difficult condition for the patient and healthcare providers. There are several different types of hip fractures and therapy treatment for condition can slightly range based on the patient’s fracture and rehabilitation capabilities. The average age of patients that experience hip fractures is 83 years old.
Episode 360 has outlined education and therapy direction in collaboration with local orthopaedic surgeons to provide the Richland Bean-Blossom Health Care Center therapy and nursing teams with best in class education for hip fracture management. Richland Bean-Blossom Health Care Center’s focus on Hip Fracture excellence will provide the Bloomington, IN, community with a first of its kind skilled nursing facility provider with a specific focus on this type of patient.
Richland Bean-Blossom Health Care Center clinical teams have been specifically educated on therapy to best treat the complex hip fracture patient  Therapies and protocols include: admission/discharge planning; communication between facility, surgeon and patient; education on types of hip fractures; wound care communication and management; pain medication management; surgeon preferences on therapy; DVT prophylaxis; and, dislocation protocol.
“Alignments like these should be the goal of all involved in orthopaedic surgeries moving forward,” said Episode 360 Co-Founder/Vice President and Orthopaedic Surgeon Stephen Ritter M.D.  “Finding collaborative efforts to ensure better patient success is the goal of this program.”
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