Kentucky Community Opens

The wait is over. Seniors now have a new home in Prospect, KY. Exceptional Senior Living opened in August as a personal care and memory care community.
"The land was considered for other uses throughout the last few decades, but it was the fit with Exceptional Senior Living that was the destined use of the limited unused land in town.  With Exceptional Senior Living, seniors now have a close housing option that will allow them to age in place without leaving the community that they have lived in for many years," said Suzanne Rinne, executive director of Exceptional Senior Living.
While seniors want the safety and security of a senior living community, the options are limited for those who want to stay in Prospect. "We have residents who previously choose other communities outside the area because a local center wasn't available. Now, those seniors and their families can choose a closer senior living community, and many are," continued Rinne.
Exceptional Senior Living is the first personal care licensed center in Prospect to offer assisted care and memory care. This combination, along with 24/7 licensed nurses, is important as seniors want to live in one location for as long as possible.
As the senior population increases throughout Kentucky, Oldham County is poised for exponential growth - nearly 50% for all ages - over the next 20 years. This increase will include families who want their parents to live closer to them. Rinne remarked, "It makes a difference to families when a loved one is close. The ability to drop in and visit anytime is a major factor as families discuss senior living alternatives. It's not only about the care and opportunities one can experience at Exceptional Senior Living, but it's the overall quality of life - and proximity of family is part of that discussion."
Exceptional Senior Living will host a community-wide open house on Tuesday, August 22 from 4 p.m. until 6 p.m. at 6901 Carslaw Court in Prospect. Tours are available anytime by calling (502) 415-8663.
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